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This type of online presentation, in which information is only expressed in XML codes, has become very popular over the last few years, since it allows you to quickly and easily view information and content online. That makes it perfect for sites like news and blogs, which are text-heavy and update relatively frequently.

RSS Builder helps you create a RSS channel for your website by providing a simple interface that allows you to add all of the elements, codes, links, and content that you want to create. Once you've created the structure of your channel with its content, you can publish the RSS channel to your web server using the FTP client that is incorporated into the program.

Within the list configuration menu, you should include information relative to the description of your website, its author, webmaster, language, and other specific data about the size of your images and your font style.

You can also download the list from the FTP client so that you can make any changes when you need to. And, the program includes a HTML and rich-text editor.
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